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This is the repository for the knowledge of our Order. Herein you can learn of our esteemed members, our lands, our principles and our way of life. We hope that you will come away with a good thought, a good idea, or a good mind to join us in our magnificent adventures.

We are the Knights of Ashfall guild, on the Moon Guard server of World of Warcraft. We consider ourselves storytellers foremost, delighting in writing and sharing tales in the tradition of the great knights of legend!

Who Are the Knights? Edit

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The Knights of Ashfall are an order created to assist Lord Jeremaias Auromere in resettling and rebuilding the lost Duchy of Ashfall, and to defend Stormwind and the Alliance against all foes.

We are dedicated to improving ourselves and the world around us, through chivalry, honor, and adventure!

Who are the Knights of Ashfall (as a guild)?

Who are they individually (our roster)?

What is Ashfall?

Our Chivalric Code

The Knights' Adventures Edit

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Individually and together, the Knights of Ashfall seek to lift up the world and the people living in it, not only through mighty deeds to defend the weak and the helpless, but through lives and works that inspire others to strive for greatness themselves.

The Legend So Far - A list of the Knights' plot arcs and campaigns to date

Adventures to Come - A list of the Knights' coming tales and challenges!

Feats of Knighthood - The great deeds that our Knights do to earn their spurs

D20 Combat Guide - The storytelling tool by which we create compelling and challenging battles

Affiliations Edit

The Knights of Ashfall proudly participate in a variety of social networks and projects. Among them:

IMPROV Network

The Stormwind Courts of Law and Equity

Our Allies

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